First Kenyan elected senator in Australia found in corruption scam, forced to repay public funds

– Lucy Gichuhi was accused of using about KSh 216, 327 (USD 2139) on plane tickets for her family
– Gichuhi celebrated her 50th birthday in Adelaide when he billed taxpayers

– She has accepted to refund the amount explaining it was an administrative error – The senator said she had already raised an invoice to settle the amount Barely six months into office, Kenyan-born Australian politician Senator Lucy Gichuhi is fighting off claims of misuse of public funds. Gichuhi who represents South Australia won the February election on the Liberal Party
According to reports by the Daily Telegraph on Sunday, June 17, Gichuhi used part of taxpayers’ money amounting to about KSh 216, 327 (USD 2139) on plane tickets for her two family members to Adelaide for her 50th birthday celebrations

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