Uhuru Kenyatta wins at last

The Supreme Court of Kenya has today delivered their verdict on case filed by former Kilome MP Harun Mwau and two other Kenyans.

After two days of retiring to deliberate on the issues raised, The Supreme Court Judges have dismissed the petitions.

In his reading, the President of the court said they had paid attention to the specific prayers of petitioners as well as constitution in delivering their decision.

“The court has unanimously determined that the petitions are not merited,” Maraga read in his brief ruling.

Government Bans Anti-IEBC Protests Within Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi CBDs

NASA Protesters. / COURTESY Acting CS for Interior, Dr Fred Matiang’i has banned demonstrations within Kisumu, Nairobi and Mombasa central business

The ban comes in the wake of anti-IEBC protests by NASA supporters that starting October 16, will be held on a daily basis.

”In accordance with the law, due to the recent breach of peace as witnessed, the government will not allow demonstrations
in Nairobi CBD, Mombasa and Kisumu,” the CS said.

He also noted that the move was meant to protecting other Kenyans’ rights.

”Whereas every person has the right to peacefully demonstrate, the enjoyment of this right is not absolute. We have noticed
with a lot of concern the breach of peace by NASA in their demos in Kisumu, Homabay, Siaya, Migori and Nairobi counties by
attacking police stations, looting and attacking of civilians.”

Matiang’i also noted that NASA CEO, Norman Magaya will be charged with destruction of property during the protests.

He also asked Kenyans whose property was destroyed to report the matter to the Nairobi Central Police Station OCS.

Raila’s lawyer reveals 5 grounds to ‘blow-up’ Uhuru’s victory

Nasa lawyers Otiende Amollo (left) and James Orengo at Supreme Court in Nairobi

This is after his closest challenger Raila Odinga of NASA (NRM) withdrew from the October 26 exercise, saying that IEBC
‘refused’ to address his so-called ‘irreducible minimums’.

Amolo, speaking to the Qatar-based Al Jazeera Network on Monday after Kenyatta was declared President-elect, said he can
cite ‘at least 17 grounds under which they can blow-up the poll at the Supreme Court’.

“August 8 presidential election which the Kenyan Supreme Court nullified on the basis of irregularities and illegalities
was better than what we had on October 26,” Omolo said.

He added: “The electoral commission was under duress and intimidation by the State that it ended up doing the unimaginable.
What we had was not even an election because it was only one candidate competing against himself.”

Among some grounds Amolo said the ‘sham election’ would be nullified under include; voter intimidation, electoral violence,
no elections in a sizeable part of the country, exaggeration of figures, IEBC acknowledgement of its inadequacies in
delivering a credible poll few days before the election, among others he didn’t mention.

The MP, however, didn’t reveal whether NRM will contest Kenyatta’s second-time victory in a row at the Supreme Court.
Pro-NASA Political analyst Prof Harman Manyora speaking to Citizen TV on Monday before Kenyatta was declared President-elect, urged NASA to ‘accept the results and move on’.

“Going to court will yield nothing for NASA. For now, let us admit Jubilee has gotten it and we shall live to fight another
day. This country is bigger than anyone of us,” Manyora said.

Uhuru Kenyatta declared winner of repeat election

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Deputy President William Ruto after being declared winner of August 8th election. Credit
Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been declared the winner of the October 26 repeat presidential election which was marred by
low voter turnout and violence in opposition strongholds.

Mr. Kenyatta, who did not face off with his political arch nemesis Raila Odinga after the latter withdrew from the race,
garnered 7,483,895, a staggering 98.26% of the votes. Only about 40% of the 19.6 million registered voters showed up to
Raila, who had asked his supporters to boycott the repeat election, got 73,228, 1% of the votes.

Other candidates in the race included Third Way Alliance’s Ekuru Aukot, 21,333 (0.28%), Alliance for Real Change’s Mohamed
Dida, 14,127 (0.19%), United Democratic Party’s Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo, 3,832 (0.05%) and independent candidates Joseph
Nyaga 5,554 (0.07%), Japheth Kaluyu 8,261 (0.11%) and Michael Wainaina 6,007 (0.01%).

The total votes casts were 7,616,217.

Chebukati exudes confidence in the electoral process

In his speech before announcing the results, IEBC Chairperson Wafula Chebukati said “the commission ensured that everything
required of us by law was put in place for the conduct of the election,” contrary to claims by the opposition coalition
that the poll was a sham.

While acknowledging the difficult political situation the country has faced, Chebukati exuded confidence in the process
saying that the electoral agency took reform measures this time round including, but not limited to, increasing of KIEMS
kits gadgets and installation of both Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom cards for proper network coverage and extensive training
of poll officials including practicals on how to use printers and satellite communication technology.

“I can confidently say that on 26th of October, we did everything to ensure every Kenyan was able to practice his/her right
. We discharged our mandate, unfortunately not all Kenyans exercised their rights but I respect their choice,” said

Why repeat elections

Kenyans were forced to return to the polls after the Supreme Court nullified the August 8 presidential election results
that had declared President Kenyatta winner by over 8.2 million votes.

Mutahi Ngunyi on Raila’s political future after October 26th poll

Posted on October 23, 2017 by MkenyaForums Admins Last updated October 23, 2017

Renowned political analyst Prof Mutahi Ngunyi has made very controversial observations about NASA leader Raila Odinga’s future after October 26th repeat elections .

In his analysis, together with his team of young African scholars from the Fort Hall School of Government, Mr Ngunyi claimed

that the October 26th repeat poll provided Mr Odinga with a new opportunity to rejuvenate his career.

According to Ngunyi,however,Raila threw the opportunity out of the window,which means he ended his career the moment he withdrew from the race,and going by his calls for mass action on election day,Ngunyi said Raila will most likely end up at the International Criminal Court (ICC) after poll.

Prof Ngunyi ,together with his young scholars, likened the October 26 as the Battle of waterloo that resulted in the ultimate

defeat of French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

“Napeleon was a Nazi general who roughed up everyone in Europe.Like Raila he was a bully.

Napoleon had a second chance but he squandered it.Raila too had a second chance but he squandered. Instead of regrouping, Raila is now vomiting on our shoes with threats of war. Our prayer of waterloo should therefore be explicit.We must pray that Raila’s appetite for war would produce ultimate defeat

We pray that by Christmas, he would be a guest of the ICC,” One of the young scholars observed

He further criticized President Uhuru Kenyatta’s call for a national prayer, accusing him of irritating God with vague prayers.

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If we must pray on the national prayer, we must pray that Uhuru gets a kick from God for irritating the almighty. Like Moses in the bible, we want God to scream at Uhuru and to tell him to stop praying and to start acting.

Speaking on Chiloba ,Akombe and Chebukati circus last week,Ngunyi said;

“Uhuru should stop praying and start acting..Some people are out to sabotage the country.What Maraga did was nothing was sabotage,What Apombe or whatever her name is did was sabotage, and the reckless statements of Chebukati this week were nothing but sabotage.Chiloba’s stepping aside was sabotage.Now to pray over these acts of sabotage is to irritate God in my view.All we need to do is to stop praying and a start acting “,Ngunyi stated.

IEBC postpones meeting with presidential candidates

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s consultative meeting with presidential candidates scheduled forThursday at 2.30 pm has been rescheduled.no reasons were made public.
In a tweet, the electoral commission announced that it will soon announce another date when the meeting will be held.

NASA’s Statement After Meeting US, UK Officials

The National Super Alliance (NASA) on Monday met representatives from the United States, United Kingdom, European Union,
Norway, and Denmark where they discussed Thursday’s election.

At the meeting, NASA insisted that it will not take part in the election because it lacks confidence that IEBC could
conduct a free and fair poll.

According to the Opposition coalition, recent remarks by former IEBC Commissioner Roselyn Akombe and Chair Wafula Chebukati
made it clear that the electoral body itself was not confident of conducting credible polls and as such, any election
conducted is only a show which the coalition cannot be part of.

NASA wishes to re-affirm to the country and the international community at large and its supporters that the election
scheduled for October 26th does not meet the condition deduced from the Supreme Court ruling and our subsequent irreducible
minimums that we shared both with IEBC and the public.

“Three days to the election there is nothing that can change in the electoral infrastructure and our position is final that
we do not recognize the election scheduled for 26th October and we shall not participate in it because it doesn’t serve
the country’s interest,” NASA’s statement read in part.

The meeting came after the coalition led by Raila Odinga expressed their frustration with the United Kingdom (UK) and the
United States (US) for keeping mum after IEBC indicated that they could not guarantee a free and fair election.
Through Mr Odinga’s adviser,Salim Lone, the coalition raised concerns that the two nations had not spoken after IEBC
Commissioner Roselyn Akombe resigned and Chairperson Wafula Chebukati expressed uncertainty over next week’s election.

So it has come down to this: The US and the UK have not spoken since the astonishing confession by IEBC chairman Chebukati
that he cannot guarantee that the election slated for 26 October will be free and fair, that his own staff do not listen to
him, and that he cannot see how we can hold an election in which six million Kenyans who voted for Raila Odinga will feel

“Roselyn Akombe’s comments were even more startling, including her view that most Commissioners are keen to have an election
even if it is at the cost of the lives of our staff and voters,” Mr Lone stated.

The Opposition also took issue with the African Union (AU), accusing them of failing to help the country resolve the
current stalemate.


Lawyer Ekuru Aukot has changed his mind on the inclusion of all the other former Presidential Candidate in the upcoming polls.

On Friday, Aukot stated that he does not want the other candidates to be in the presidential race as the High Court only allowed him to participate.However, the lawyer has shifted from his previous position and now welcomes the inclusion of the other candidate as Gazetted by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

This comes after a meeting with the electoral body.

“After our meeting with the IEBC yesterday, we are somewhat convinced that the IEBC had addressed some of the issues pointed out by the Supreme Court as the illegalities and irregularities in the August 8 elections,” Aukot said.

Aukot also dropped his pursuit for reforms at the IEBC before the fresh elections could be held.This can be a major blow for NASA Presidential candidate, who is also pursuing reforms at IEBC before elections can be conducted.

At the same time, the Thirdway Alliance candidate noted that the October 26 elections should proceed.

He highlighted that the polls cannot stop because the former Prime Minister had withdrawn.

“The fresh election cannot be predicated on the decision of one candidate. If one candidate chooses to withdraw, Kenya
cannot come to a standstill,” he said
He criticized IEBC for forcing Odinga to be on the ballot against his wish.

“When a candidate writes to say they have withdrawn, why are you forcing him on the ballot? When the High Court says
include the name of Aukot in the ballot, why do you go on a fishing expedition for everybody else?” Aukot posed.

Ahmednasir differentiates the political divide that is NASA & JUBILEE


Prominent city lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has revealed the difference between Jubilee and NASA supporters.

According to Ahmednasir , for the last  five years , NASA and Jubilee supporters have been exchanging blows on the

social media but of late Jubilee supporters seem to have retreated and it is only  NASA supporters who were  boasting

on social media.

This is what Ahmednasir asked;

Why are NASA supporters loud & vociferous on social media while JUBILEE’s are silent & stealth?What does this tell/point to?

However, a patriotic Kenyan responded to Ahmednasir’s tweet saying the Jubilee supporters retreat was tactical since they

want to vote in silence unlike NASA supporters who vote with bravado.

“Jubilee supporters are civilized and peaceful…they want to be heard at the ballot and not on social media,” Alfred Kiprono told